About Me

Welcome! My name is Aaron or, as some of the active Melee community members may be more familiar with, Maverick. In Fall 2017 my close friend and doubles teammate Halkettraz found himself facing hand problems and a faulty Gamecube controller. In an effort to remedy these issues simultaneously, I embarked on the path that would lead me to build custom controllers for the many of you that face similar problems or are just simply looking for an alternative to conventional controllers.

In the months following that first project, I began building controllers for fighting game community members across the country, progressively optimizing the construction process and tailoring customizations to the needs of each player. If you've got particularly large hands and would prefer a wider button layout I can make that happen. If you’re missing a digit or two, I can design a layout to accommodate for it. If you want a bluetooth speaker inside of the controller, just say the word. If you want the whole controller decked out in a Zelda theme with Triforces inlayed on the top of each button and a custom cable to match, you’ve got it..

Above all else, I intend for these controllers to be as fully customizable as possible. I will observe and take in all of your comments, preferences, and criticisms and attempt to provide the shortest turn-around time possible with the highest-quality product. No Kickstarter needed. No dodgy Tweets. I will begin working on your order as soon as it's submitted. I love doing this and hope to see some Stickless users at future events. Have a great day!