Stickless Budget ($200)

Stickless Budget ($200)


Balling on a budget? This controller is for you! Featuring a completely transparent top with no superfluous art, neon, or paracord shenanigans, this controller's price is kept to a minimum while maintaining the same parts and the build quality you've come to expect from my other models! While customization is limited, your wallet will be thankful and so will your hands. 


NOTE: Unlike the other Stickless options where a deposit is made and the customizations/labor are tallied afterwards in a second payment, this price is all-inclusive and the only additional fee that could be incurred is the cost of providing a GameCube controller cable ($15).

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MELEE DISCLAIMER: Stickless controllers currently register perfect shield drops, perfect dash back, perfect wavedash angles and 1.000 cardinal value inputs. This software is publicly available and was developed by SimpleControllers. If these are to be limited at a national level or should players with Stickless controllers prefer a setup like the one outlined in the B0XX documentation, the developers of the B0XX plan to make their software publicly available in the future. Stickless controllers include a USB-A to USB-B cable that allows for updates to this code.