Stickless ($225+)

Stickless ($225+)


The controller that started it all! A fully customizable alternative to the conventional Gamecube controller. Pick your own art, button layout (here's the standard), wood stain, paracord cable wrap, or anything you want and I will make it happen! Click Customize Me to get started


PLEASE NOTE: The initial $150 deposit is required to cover the cost of ordering parts and does not include the cost of labor and additional customizations.  Please click "Customize Me" and check out the options available to you for more information. A final invoice will be sent to you before shipping the final product specifically detailing additional work and parts ordered. I intend to maximize transparency here, and you can expect the final total to be in the range of $225 to $300, meaning the second payment will be $75-150 depending on your customizations of choice.

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MELEE DISCLAIMER: Stickless controllers currently register perfect shield drops, perfect dash back, perfect wavedash angles and 1.000 cardinal value inputs. This software is publicly available and was developed by SimpleControllers. If these are to be limited at a national level or should players with Stickless controllers prefer a setup like the one outlined in the B0XX documentation, the developers of the B0XX plan to make their software publicly available in the future. Stickless controllers include a USB-A to USB-B cable that allows for updates to this code.